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Recycling Centre Workers Climb Into Container to Find Lost Wedding Ring Of Man

Kind people doing kind  things.

Employees at a recycling centre in England ended up climbing into a container so they could find the lost wedding ring of a man.

It was said that the man dropped his wedding ring into a sorting container.

The North Tyneside Council said 38-year-old James Ross was dropping off some cardboard to be recycled at the Houshold Waste Recycling Centre in North Shields when the ring fell off his finger.

It went right straight under and was not found.

Talking about the incident, Ross said:

It was a container where you push the rubbish through an opening. It was very cold. My hands were cold and, as I was shaking out the box, suddenly the ring was just gone. I don’t know if it caught the edge of the box, but my heart just sank.

Ross alerted a nearby employee who informed officials of the incident.

The machinery was shut down and 4 workers climbed inside to search the wedding ring of the man.

Jordan Cooper, the operator of the plant, said:

It was like looking for a needle in a haystack as there was a huge mound of waste to search through and we had the added difficulty of ensuring we kept our distance and followed the COVID guidelines. We were just about to give up when I spotted it, I was over the moon.

Ross said he was overwhelmed with relief after he was reunited with their wedding ring.

He added:

The ring was caked in rubbish and grime, but it was amazing to have it back. They’ve gone way beyond the call of duty, being as nice and polite as they can be. My wife was over the moon, she thought I was making up an elaborate story. We can’t thank them enough.

Good thing it was recovered, the wife would have killed him.

Jokes aside, what are your thoughts on the workers finding the ring of the man? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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