Rooster Who Had Knife For Cockfighting Kills Owner By Slashing His Groin As It Was Trying To Escape

Slash of Death.

A rooster that was fitted with a knife for an illegal cockfight ended up killing its owner after it slashed his groin as it was trying to escape.

The news was confirmed by the police in the Telangana state of India.

The fighting rooster had a blade strapped to its leg and was ready to take an opponent when it tried to flee the bloody sport.

The owner was cut in the groin and was rushed to the hospital in Rural Telangana.

However, the owner did not survive because of severe blood loss.

The killer rooster was held at the local police station after the incident, however, it was sent back to a poultry farm.

The death of the man resulted in a manhunt for the organizers of the illegal sport.

It was said that 15 other people were participating the incident.

B Jeevan, a local police officer investigating the case, said:

We are searching for the other 15 people involved in organising the illegal fight.

The people involved in organizing are facing manslaughter, illegal betting and hosting a cockfight charges.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the man, may his soul rest in peace.

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