Sea beast with angelic wings spotted by beach walkers leaving them in shock

Beach walkers from North Carolina police stand after they spotted a sea beast that had angelic wings.

Kenny Harris stumbled across the creature while they were visiting North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

He was with his family when they discovered the fish.

Talking about the incident, he said:

I went out for a morning walk alone and from a distance, I saw something in the sand. As I got closer I saw this dead fish that looked like some scary creature. I thought it had wings – it looked like a gargoyle! I’m from West Virginia and I visit the Outer Banks twice a year, and I have never seen something like this before.

After sharing the images on social media, people were shocked just like he was.

Locals who saw the fish had a lot going on in their minds.

Some said that the fish was the chupacabra, a local mythical creature, that some people call a bat and fish hybrid.

A local that have been fishing in the area for years said that they had never seen anything like this fish before in their entire life.

Eventually, it was revealed that the fish that Kenny had  found was a angel shark.

Angel sharks are currently critically endangered.

Kenny said the shark wad really freaky when they saw it lying on the beach.

The shark that they encountered is also known as the Squatina Dumervil, which is also known as the sand devil.

It remains a mystery on how this shark passed away.

By Pei Yong

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