Sneaky Squirrel Stashes 158kg Of Walnuts Inside Man’s Car

For eight years, Bill Fischer, from Fargo, North Dakota, has been trying to stop a red squirrel to fill up his car engine with walnuts, however, he has failed again and again.

Bill, who is 56, said that he has constantly been outwitted by his nemesis, who has managed to hide hundreds of nuts inside his truck.

The man said that the rodent stores tons of nuts in the engine compartment every autumn.

Not only in the engine compartment, Bill said that sometimes the nuts appear in the wheel arches and even behind the bumper.

The worst part is when Bill finds them out and has to clean out everything.

Bill said that he has to spend hours removing each nut by hand and chucking them into buckets.

Talking about the war that they have with the squirrel, he said:

I have been dealing with the red squirrel since 2013, this has now become a sort of ritual with it filling my truck with nuts and me trying to remove them.

Bill said that he does not see the squirrel until the walnuts on the tree that grows near his house starts to ripen up.

The man said that he had tried a bunch of tactics from getting into his truck, however, he never managed to put a halt on this.

The thing is, this year has been the hardest for him.

According to Bill, the squirrel managed to hide 158 kilograms of walnuts inside the engine of his car.

Bill said:

The most I had ever pulled so far was four buckets, so with seven buckets this year the squirrel was on a mission. I have to have a sense of humour about this after so many years. I put in as much hard work as the squirrel when I have to take my truck apart just to remove bucket after bucket of walnut.

That’s a lot of nuts, right?

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