Soldier Storms Animal Shelter In SWAT Gera While Looking For His Cat

A former soldier has pleaded guilty to storming an animal shelter in a full SWAT suit, which includes a fake gun, while searching for his lost cat.

In January this year, 45-year-old Tony Wittman called the Lost Dog’s Home in Melbourne, Australia while looking for his cat.

A member of the staff told him that they had found his pet, however, they told him that he would have to make an appointment with them to collect the cat the following morning because they were about to close down.

Wittman, a father of 3 kids, was impatient and took the entire thing into his own hands later that night.

He made his way into the shelter while wearing a full military-style SWAT clothing and had an imitation firearm with him.

He then confronted the female employee and threatened her while saying: “If you do as I say and listen to me, I won’t shoot you.”

The woman pleaded with Wittman not to harm her and telling him that she was the mother of a young child.

At one point, he told the woman to not do anything or he would shoot him.

The former soldier then proceed to interrogate the staff member about where the cats were before tying her hands behind her back.

Before going to see the cats, he told her that he would be shooting her if she sees her following him.

After getting the cat, the 45-year-old fled the scene and the woman somehow called her boss, who proceeded to alert the authorities.

The entire incident was captured on the security cameras of the animal shelter.

In a twist, Wittman then came back to the shelter the next day as per his appointment to collect his cat.

Wittman was arrested by the police and he confessed to the police during an interview later that same day telling them that he had PTSD from his military service.

He also told the police that he loves his cat and relies on his cat for support.

The lawyers of Wittman managed to strike a deal with prosecutors to withdraw 16 charges and he will only face 8.

He is now facing false imprisonment, aggravated burglary, criminal damage, perjury and carrying an imitation firearm charges.

He is due to return to court in February.

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