German Prison Changes 600 Locks After Intern Shared Pictures Of Keys On WhatsApp

A prison in Germany was forced to change all their locks after one of their trainee ended up sharing a picture of the prison keys on social media. Yep, an intern shared pictures of the keys on WhatsApp. The intentions of the intern were not of bad, however, it placed the security of the prison […]


Female Zookeeper Rushed To Hospital In Germany After Being Attacked By Lion While She Was Cleaning Its Cage

A female zookeeper in Germany was rushed to a hospital after she was attacked by a lion when she was cleaning its cake. The worker, who was not identified, was not thought to be seriously injured. The 25-year-old was working at the Osnabruck Zoo in Northwestern Germany when the attack happened, and she was rushed […]


Man Refuses To Give Police Password To Bitcoin Wallet Worth $60 Million

German prosecutors have been left unable to access over $60 million worth of bitcoin cryptocurrency because the fraudster that they confiscated it from has refused to give the password of the wallet. The man, who was not named, was arrested by the police and has been sentenced to spend 2 years in jail for covertly […]

Good News

German City Installs Thermal Pods For Homeless People So They Can Sleep In Them During Winter Season

A city in Germany is doing their part in helping out the homeless by installing pods for them so they can sleep in it during the winter season. Authorities in Ulm, Germany, a city that is around 75 miles west of Munich, installed the units. On January 8, 2021, Ulmer Nests were installed throughout the city […]