Tenants Leave Cockroaches On Doorstep Of Landlord To Protest Wave Of Evictions And Rooms Being Infested By Insects

A group of tenants from Toronto, Canada, decided to protest to their wealthy landlord, who was not taking care of their problems properly. The tenants left roaches on the doorstep of the landlord to protest a wave of evictions and an ongoing unaddressed infestation of cockroaches in their property. 17 families are currently facing evictions […]


Skinniest House In London Is Currently Up For Sale And You Can Get It For $1.3 Million

In this episode of things no one wants to buy but is still getting a lot of attention because of the bizarre price that it has. The skinniest house in London, England, is currently up for sale and the price that it has is just blowing people away. Watch the video below: The 6-foot wide […]