Man Pulls Down His Shorts To Show His Bum For Google Maps

Hilarious images are caught on camera and once they go viral on social media, people love it and share it right away. This is exactly what happened to a man from Spain. They are currently viral on social media for showing their bum for Google Maps images. Yep, that happened and it is hilarious. A […]

Good News

Newborn Baby Who Contracted Coronavirus Goes Home Healthy After Spending 70 Days In Hospital

A newborn baby that contracted the coronavirus is now home after being deemed healthy by health experts. The baby that we are talking about spent 70 days in the hospital after they tested positive for the coronavirus. Petru, the baby, was born at the Vitash Valencia 9 de Octuber hospital in Spain last year, however, […]


This Extremely Rare White Tiger Cub Was Rejected By Own Mother And Is Now Being Raised By Humans

An extremely rare white tiger that was rejected by own mother is not being raised by humans. Nieve, which means snow in Spanish, was born at the Nicaragua Zoo. Humans are now raising the cub after their own mother rejected them. Nieve was born last week. The news was confirmed by Eduardo Sacasa, the director […]