Tenants Leave Cockroaches On Doorstep Of Landlord To Protest Wave Of Evictions And Rooms Being Infested By Insects

A group of tenants from Toronto, Canada, decided to protest to their wealthy landlord, who was not taking care of their problems properly. The tenants left roaches on the doorstep of the landlord to protest a wave of evictions and an ongoing unaddressed infestation of cockroaches in their property. 17 families are currently facing evictions […]

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Woman Wins $47 Million In Lottery Jackpot Thanks To Numbers That She Got From Husband’s Dream

A woman from Toronto, Canada, is making headlines all over the world after she won a massive amount of money in a lottery thanks to the numbers that she had used, which came from the dream of her husband. What an amazing story! The woman said that she had used the same lottery numbers since […]