Good News

Railway worker who saved child from a train donates half of his reward money to boy’s family

After saving the life of a boy that fell on the tracks of a railway station, a 30-year-old Indian railway employee went viral for risking his own life. But that’s not it, he did something bigger than that. After his good deed went viral on social media, the Ministry of Railways gave him a money […]


Elephant Kills Zoo Worker While She Was Cleaning Her Cage

A zoo worker in Spain was killed by an elephant while she was cleaning the cage of the animal. It was said that one of the mighty beasts hit him with her trunk, which slammed his head against the bars of the cage. Joaquin Gutierrez Arnaiz, suffered severe head injuries. The incident reportedly happened in […]


McDonald’s Worker Caught Putting Her Hand Down Her Pants While Using The Fryer

A video that is viral on social media right now shows a worker for a fast-food chain using the fryer and scratching down their bum at the same time. The entire thing was caught on cam and it was shared on TikTok, a viral video sharing platform. In the video, a person was seen filming […]