Top Judge Of India Tells Rapist To Marry Victim So He Could Avoid Jail

People in India are now demanding a justice to resign after it was reported that they told an accused rapist to marry their schoolgirl victim so he could avoid jail.

Over 5000 people have signed a petition demanding chief justice Sharad Arvind Bobde to quit.

It is reported that Justice Bobde told a government technician during a hearing that he could avoid jail and keep his job if he marries the victim, but if he does not agrees, he will lose his job and go to jail.

The comments of Bobde sparked uproar in the country, particularly amongst women rights activists.

They said at the hearing:

If you want to marry [her] we can help you. If not, you lose your job and go to jail.

According to reports, the rapist stalked the schoolgirl, tied her up, gagged her, and repeatedly raped her.

He also threatened to douse her in petrol, set her alight, and have her brother killed.

The letter said:

By suggesting that this rapist marry the victim-survivor, you, the chief justice of India, sought to condemn the victim-survivor to a lifetime of rape at the hands of the tormentor who drove her to attempt suicide.

Marital rape is currently not a crime in India.

Bobde is yet to reveal a statement about the incident.

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