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Trump Supporting Nurse Is Fired By Hospital After They Found Out She Entered Capitol Building During Riots

A Donald Trump supporting nurse from Kentucky, USA, has been fired by a hospital after they got to know that she entered the Capitol Building during the riots.

She is the latest person that lost their job after the incident.

It was reported by numerous agencies that the hospital she worked for terminated her contract.

Lori Vinson, a Nurse from Morganfield, Kentucky, was one of the many protesters that illegally stormed the Capitol.

The woman said that she did not take part of the violence or the destruction.

During an interview with WFIE-TV, the woman said:

I participated in none of that. I would never participate in that.

During the incident, Vinson was filmed and she also shared a number of videos on Facebook showing people that were inside the Capitol building.

The woman was fired from her job at Ascension St Vincent hospital in Evansville, Indiana.

The woman said that she was given paperwork that confirmed her dismissal.

She was fired because she admitted to engaging criminal behavior at a high-profile event.

The hospital said in a statement that they are not going to comment on specific employment matters.

Vinson said that she was also contacted by the FBI in relation to the events that happened in DC after she was fired.

Despite all that, the woman said that she would do it all again.

She also said that she does not regret anything that she did, which was to take part in the violent protests.

She added:

Because I was there for a peaceful protest and that’s what I was doing. I felt like I have done nothing wrong and I wouldn’t change it.

She is just one of many people that have been fired for taking part in the Capitol Hill protests.

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