UFC fighter Derrick Lewis knocks out car thief before calling police

UFC fighter Derrick Lewis is making headlines all over the world for knocking out a car thief before calling the authorities.

Here is the full story:

Lewis is a UFC Heavyweight known for knocking out people with a single punch.

Lewis shared the news on Instagram.

The thief was trying to get inside his vehicle before they were knocked out cold.

Talking about the incident, he said:

Mother f***** tried to break into my s***.

He shared a post on instagram and talked about what happened.

He captioned the post: “Mofo pick right/wrong car to break into. HE’S OK.”

During an interview with Ariel Helwani, an ESPN reporter, Derrick said that that he knocked out the man before the police arrived at the scene.

Posting on Twitter Helwani said: 

Derrick Lewis tells me he noticed a man trying to break into his SUV this morning. He knocked the man out. The police then apprehended him.

According to a police report, Lewis had been returning to his car after a workout when he noticed that there was something off.

A robber was trying to break into the vehicle with a screwdriver.

Jodi Silva, a Public Information Officer for the Houston Police Department, said:

Mr. Lewis says he went over to the suspect, struck him, placed him onto the ground until the police arrived. That’s the nicest way to put it.

The suspect was rushed to a hospital after getting knocked out.

The man was then brought to a local police station, where they were charged with criminal mischief.

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