Vancouver Woman Is Being Forced To Choose Between Her Home And Dog Because Her Pet Is “Too Tall”

A woman from Vancouver, Canada, is currently being forced to choose between her pet dog and home because the pet that she has is reportedly “too tall” to be living inside the apartment.

Scott, the 9-month-old Golden Retriever dog, is a little bit tall to be living with her owner in the Surrey Strata Housing Development.

Rabiya Merani, the woman, said she received a letter from the manager of the Surrey Strata Building and she was just left shocked after readhing it.

The letter said:

Your dog is already taller than the bylaw permits (14 inches at the shoulder) and as such the strata council voted that you must remove the dog from the premises.

Rabiya said she tried to talk with the management to reconsider their decision, but the woman said they were not effective.

During an interview with CTV, a Canadian News Service, pointed out that there are other people living in her building that are breaching the rules.

There are people that have bigger dogs than her pet and there are some that own multiple dogs.

Donna Mitchell, a neighbor of Rabiya, said that the rules of the management does not make any sense to her.

During an interview with the press, she said:

You can have a small dog that’s quite disruptive and a large dog that’s quiet and doesn’t cause any issue, so I think it’s discriminatory against people where they can live and where they can’t, based on the size of their dog.

Donna has lived in the block for around 10 years now and she said that there are other residents that have dogs that are the same size and some even have more than 1, which are prohibited.

None of those people are being asked to choose between their apartments or their animals.

The woman is currently looking for a new house.

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