Vets find dog with half face after tumor burst on his mouth

Vets in India were left horrified after they found a stray dog that had lost half their face after a tumor burst on their mouth.

Veera, the dog, was spotted in an awful state on a college campus in India.

Locals stepped in to save the dog from dying, considering that it was not eating anything because of the tumor on their face.

The locals handed the dog to the care of Animal Rescue Trust Pune (ART).

Talking about Veera, ART said:

Long before Veera was brought to us by SAW Team for his current situation, he had a tumour in his mouth that was operated and removed. The tumour probably reoccurred and this time in even uglier ways. the tumour burst and half of his face is gone. The skin just dropped off like melted plastic.

The best thing about this is that Veera is now back to full health and is ready for their normal life.

The dog was found at the Sinhagad College campus in Vadgaon Budruk, Pune, Maharashtra.

Vineeta Tandon, the co-founder of ART, said that the dog is now undergoing chemotherapy. 

Talking about the dog, Vineeta said:

His tumour relapsed and with an even worse intensity. It grew quickly and burst and that is how Veera found his way to us. He is also being treated with chemo. His whole lower jaw is now just necrossed tissue for which the surgery is scheduled tomorrow. Our vets will try to extract all the damaged tissue and see if the jaw could be saved. We are hoping that the surgery is successful and the infection can be removed completely. We would like nothing more that his jaw to be saved so he could go back and live a full and healthy life ahead. Our vets will try to graft the skin. It is a long and expensive process. We will have to test his tissue sample to see if necrosis is a permanent factor. We are looking at each and every option to help him.

At first, the rescuers thought the dog was badly injured, however, upon being checked out by vets, it was found that the damage was caused by a tumor.

Vineeta said:

From his injuries it seemed he was a victim of a street dog fight but when our vets examined his wounds thoroughly, we got to know that he actually has a malignant tumour that runs all over his head. His whole mouth and nasal cavity is blocked by the tumour growth. We started him on chemotherapy but it wasn’t completely effective.  Though it did reduce the swelling over the nasal cavity so his breathing is now comfortable.  We will continue with the treatment and are hoping to give him an extension on life. He is doing much better than when he first came to us.  A continuous improvement in his health is our goal for now.

Thank you, ART.

The thing is, ART needs help with Veera’s expensive treatment.

If you click on this link you can help out ART in supporting the good things that they do.

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