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Volunteers in New Jersey are caring for over 800 baby turtles that were rescued from storm drains

Good people deserve more, they deserve everything to be honest.

Volunteers in the city of New Jersey, USA, are doing Gods work by taking care of baby turtles that were rescued from storm drains.

More than 800 diamondback terrapin hatchlings have been rescued from underground storm drains along the Jersey Shore.

Because of their small size, terrapins are known to slip into drains when they try to cross the street.

The ones that we are talking about were found surviving off their yolk sacs and were trapped in storm drains.

According to numerous reports, volunteers successfully rescued a total of 826 baby turtles using a specially crafted scooper made from a telescopic aquarium net attached to a bamboo pole.

The staff of the staff at Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey are currently taking care for and are rehabilitating them under their program.

The Head Start program is currently in role at the university.

Once the turtles are ready, which will take around 1 year, they will be placed back in the wild, just like other larger turtles.

Such an amazing thing to do, right?

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