Wanted Man Turns Himself Into Police Because He Got Fed Up With People During Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on us, particularly on people that are not used to staying inside their house alone.

One instance in England has left everyone laughing.

The man, who was wanted by the authorities, was fed up by the lockdown, so he just decided to turn himself in.

The incident was revealed by the authorities of the Sussex Police in the United Kingdom.

They said that the man got in touch because he would rather be in prison than to spend more time with the people that he was living in with.

The man was not identified by the police.

He reportedly rang up and surrendered to the Burgess hill police Station this week.

The got so fed up of his household that he decided to haul himself off to jail to get some peace and quiet time.

Darren Taylor, the Mid Sussex Neighbourhood Policing Inspector, tweeted about the incident.

They said in the tweet:

Wanted male handed himself into the team yesterday afternoon after informing us he would rather go back to prison than have to spend more time with the people he was living with. One in custody and heading back to prison to serve some further time on his own.

The man handed himself in to the station at around 5pm of Wednesday of this week.

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