Woman brutally thrashed by Indian cops in front of daughter for not wearing mask

An Indian woman from Madhya Pradesh was kicked, punched and dragged in the middle of the road.

It is believed that the woman was beaten up by the police in front of her daughter because she was not wearing a mask.

The incident happened in the Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh.

The woman and her daughter were going out to buy groceries when the incident happened.

The entire thing was caught on camera by the daughter of the woman that was being best up by the cops.

In the video that was shared on social media, the woman was seen being thrashed by the 2 policemen.

She was also seen falling on the road a couple of times and had a hard time getting up.

A woman police officer was also seen trying to take her away in a disrespectful manner after the beating.

The woman refused to get inside the police vehicle, which resulted in the dragging by the cops.

At one point, the woman was dragged by her hair.

You can also hear the woman screaming in pain as she was getting dragged.

The news comes as India is in the middle of the worst wave of COVID cases in the entire world.

Earlier this month, India was reporting at least 400,000 cases on a daily basis.

Right now, India is reporting around 4000 deaths on a daily basis.

Shortage of hospital beds, oxygen supply and medicines are being reported throughout the entire country amidst the deadly wave.

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