Woman Cracks Her Teeth After Eating Fireworks Thinking They Were Popping Candy

A woman from the United Kingdom ended up cracking her teeth after she ate fireworks thinking that they were popping candy.

Yes, that happened and it’s hilarious and saddening at the same time.

Lisa Boothroyd, who is from Warwickshire, UK, found a box full of “Fun Snaps” along with the sweets that she  got from a local store.

The woman ended up chewing the crackers and they realized that they were not candies, instead they were small firecrackers.

The crackers started to burst inside the mouth of Lisa and they left chemical burns and a cracked tooth.

Yep, that happened.

Talking about the incident, the 48-year-old woman said:

That moment I crunched down was terrifying, I had no idea what was happening. I felt explosions in my mouth followed by burning pain. I’m still in agony and nearly lost a tooth after it cracked from the explosion.

The woman said that the tiny crackers packaging were really similar with Fun Snaps and she thought they were candy.

She added:

I just keep thinking what could have happened if I’d given them to a child – they could’ve blown her mouth apart.

After the incident happened, Lisa was advised to get medical treatment because fireworks can cause severe infections.

Recalling what happened and how she felt, Lisa said:

I was still shaking and in shock the next day, and I was still in so much pain. I just can’t believe how much damage those little snaps did to my mouth.

That’s really scary.

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