Woman Films Herself Digging Up Dead Cat Named “Lucifer” And Cooking It

A woman named Azealia Banks has left her fans extremely concerned after she was caught on cam digging up and cooking Lucifer, her deceased cat.

She caught the entire incident on camera and shared it on Instagram.

Banks, a 29-year-old rapper, uploaded a series of pictures and videos of the entire incident, which showed her and a friend digging up the dead cat.

The 2 boiled it in a pan of water.

After it went viral, Banks deleted the entire thing.

Azealia shared the entire thing with the caption:

Lucifer 2009-2020. My Dear kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon. Forever a serval serve.

It is still not known if the entire thing was a prank or a real thing.

Banks is yet to release an official statement about the incident and the video that she shared on social media.

Joke or not, the entire thing is horrible and no one should do it. Jokes have a limit and this woman just crossed the line and the line and the worst part is that she shared the entire thing on social media.

We just hope no one else does such act in the future.

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