Woman Jumps Into Freezing Backyard Swimming Pool And Smashes The Ice To Rescue Drowning Pet Dog

A woman was caught on camera jumping into a freezing backyard swimming pool and smashing the ice so they could rescue their drowning pet dog.

The 2 dogs of Jennie Tatum were playing in her family’s backyard in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, when one of them, Sid, slipped.

They broke through the ice and ended up drowning.

Luckily, Jennie were there and she saw everything.

The woman jumped into the water after him, broke the ice, and found Sid underneath the water so she could rescue them.

The woman said she could not locate the dog when she dived in, so she had to get out ang see where the dog was.

She eventually spotted the dog, got back, broke more ice, and lifted the dog out of the water.

Sid was then brought to the animal hospital, where the vet told them that the dog could have passed away if he was left in the pool.

He was trapped under the ice for over 1 monute.

The husband of Jennie shared the video on Facebook.

Mr. Tatum said:

We almost lost our ”little” Sid Thursday morning. If it wasn’t for Jennie’s quick reaction, he would not be here.  I was at work, but the whole incident was recorded. He was trapped under the ice in the water a little over a minute. It was awful. Jennie is truly my amazing and so heroic!! I’m so thankful they are ok. Sid is traumatized and will not step a foot in the backyard. He will only go out front.

The good thing is that the dog was rescued just on time.

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