Women Are Now Allowed To Join The Military In Saudi Arabia

More women power.

Women are now allowed to join the military in Saudi Arabia.

The amazing news comes as Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is now trying to modernize the country.

Before being allowed to join the Saudi Arabian military, women were forbidden to join the air force, army, navy, armed medical service, or missile force.

The women are now allowed to join up at all ranks between soldier and sergeant if they are 21 to 40 years old.

They are also required to have no criminal convictions, should not be married, and should be a citizen of the country.

Women that want to serve the army are required to have at least a high-school education.

The Crown Prince of the country hopes that his efforts will improve the image of the country around the world.

The plan to include women in the military was announced back in the year 2019.

This is the same year where women were allowed to leave the country without receiving permission from a male relative.

Women are also allowed to drive, work, and travel all alone in the country.

However, violence against women are still high in the country.

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