2 great white sharks bite giant chunks out of each other

A savage cannibal attack between 2 great white sharks was caught on camera recently and the screen captures of the graphic clip are just too much to look at.

Cannibal Sharks, a documentary, managed to capture something that we don’t get to see very often.

The video that they managed to capture shows 2 great white sharks going at each other and biting giant chunks, leaving them extremely injured.

For those that are wondering, yes, sharks are cannibal.

To back that up, Professor Mark Meekan, who works at the Australian Institute for Marine Science, said that all sharks are cannibals.

Obviously that includes great white sharks, the most fearsome sharks.

Talking about the sharks, he said:

It’s not just one rogue shark attacking other sharks or even one species of shark attacking other sharks, it’s lots of different sharks turning on each other.

This is not the first time something like this has been found.

In recent years, extremely mutilated carcasses are being pulled out of the ocean, especially around the Gold Coast of Australia.

Professor Meekan examined the photographs and said:

This is an enormous shark. It’s 12-feet long but look at the size of that bite, it’s absolutely massive. That’s an immense amount of power you need to take a bite out of another shark like that – you have to be pretty big yourself. If I was a betting man, I might even pick another great white shark for that one. These things are apex predators for good reason.

Another fact to back up Professor Meekan is a research that was carried out recently.

New research suggests that sharks have been eating each other for the past millennia.

Fossilised poo taken from prehistoric orthacanthus, a shark that was swimming in the oceans around 300 million years ago, found that there was baby shark teeth in it.

That’s scary, right?

What are your thoughts on sharks eating each other? Let us know what you think about this by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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