Adorable Koalas Cuddle With Each Other At Australian Reptile Park

Cuddle is all I want, probably said by a lovely adorable koala. Images that were shared with the public by park rangers in the Australian Reptile Park, which is located in Somersby, NSW (New South Wales), Australia, are going viral. Here are the images that were shared by the Australian Reptile Park: I mean, the […]

Sahil Varma
January 23, 2021


Woman Who Managed To Escape North Korea Says She Was Told Kim Jong-Un Can Read Minds

A woman who managed to escape North Korea said that she was told that their supreme leader was capable of reading minds. Yeonmi Park, was just 13 years old, when she managed to escape the country. She crossed the Chinese border, got into Mongolia, and got help from a South Korean Embassy. The girl is […]

PY Goh
January 22, 2021


Bright Colored Spanish Dancer Is Spotted Off The Coast Of Australia In A Coral Reef

A Spanish dancer was recently spotted off the coast of Australia along a coral reef and it looks amazing! The dancer, which is officially known as the Hexabranchus sanguineus, was seen with its amazing colors. The one that got pictured was shown floating in the waters of Coral Bay, which is around 1200 kilometers north of […]

PY Goh
January 21, 2021