Doctors Remove Cell Phone From Prisoner’s Stomach

A surgeon from Kosovo said that they successfully removed an old Nokia like phone from the stomach of a prisoner after they swallowed the entire device. It is believed that the phone was present inside the stomach of the prisoner for 4 days. The 33-year-old prisoner, who was not identified, was admitted to the Pristina […]

Sahil Varma
September 27, 2021

Good News

26 Teenage Girls On Afghanistan National Soccer Team Granted Asylum In Portugal

Good news for soccer fans! 26 teenage girls from the Afghanistan’s national soccer team have been granted asylum in Portugal. The girls, who are all 14 and 16, have been trying to leave Afghanistan since the Taliban regained control of the country following the withdrawal of the US Forces. The members recently left their homeland […]

Pei Yong
September 27, 2021


Cat That Went Missing In 2009 Is Reunited With Owner After 12 Years

This cat will get to spend the last of their lives with their owner. Alfie, a cat, that went missing in the year 2009 is reunited with their owner after 12 long years. The ginger-colored cat went missing in the year 2009 while going on a stroll from their house in Jersey. Shelley Brockbank said […]

PY Goh
September 26, 2021


Daughter Of Pablo Picasso To Donate 9 Of Her Father’s Work To Settle Tax Bill

A lot of Picasso work are going to be made public next year in Paris! The daughter of Pablo Picasso, an iconic Spanish artist, is set to donate 99 of her father’s works so she could settle a tax bill in France. 86-year-old Maya Ruiz Picasso will be donating 6 paintings, 2 sculptures, and a […]

Pei Yong
September 26, 2021