3 lions rescued and 2 euthanized after attacking tourists and eating empty tents during drought

Tourists were recently attacked by starving desert lions that were recently spotted eating empty tents during a recent drought.

The wildfire authorities of Namibia have warned attacks of the big cats because big cats are acting out of their mind because of a heavy drought.

A lion attack recently left a 72-year-old man needing 20 stiches a day before charging at campers in their tent.

Helge Denker said that he and his wife Irene were settling down for the night at a camp in the northwest when they spotted what they thought was a hyena.

When the cat growled, the couple screamed in horror.

Luckily, they managed to scare it away by shouting at the top of their lungs.

But that did not stop there.

Denker had to grab his revolver because the predator came back.

Talking about the incident, he said:

Again it charges at the window with that same low growl… crashes hard against the tent, dislodging a tent pole and peg and tilting the tent inwards on to us.

Denker fired his gun and fled with his wife in a car as the animal got scared by the sound.

The worst thing came when they got back.

Upon returning, they found the lion on top of their tent, chewing and clawing at he canvas.

This lion is also the same lion that targeted David Ward, a tour guide and his father a day before that incident.

Both men managed to fight the lion off, however, the 72-year-old father of Ward required 20 stiches to his leg as a result of the incident.

It was said that the backbone and the ribs of the lion were completely visible.

Lions attacking humans are rare, however, because of a recent drought of food and water in their habitat, a rise of attack reports have been observed.

Romeo Muyunda, a member of the ministry of environment and tourism, released a statement about the incident saying:

Such behaviour is driven by sheer desperation because the animals have nothing to eat. We don’t want anything happening to our tourists. They will stay there until their condition has improved.

The lion that carried out the attacks has been moved with 3 other malnourished animals to a private farm.

2 desert lions were put down because they were too weak to be saved.

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