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Abused Stray Pitbull Finds Forever Home With Police Officer That Rescued Him

The story of a dog is currently viral on social media right now because of the amazing story that they have.

An abused stray dog found their forever home with a police officer that managed to rescue him, and everything about them is just amazing and wonderful.

Officer Jim Tucci got an anonymous call that led him and his partner to investigate in a suburban back yard.

When the 2 officers arrived at the scene, the 2 were left startled by the condition of the 2 pitbulls that they found.

Hemi and Foreign, the 2 pitbulls, were in really bad condition at that time, said the officers.

The pitbulls, who are aboth 6 months old, were badly malnourished and were covered in fleas.

Not only that, but the pitbulls were in such bad condition that they were having a hard time putting pressure on them.

The 2 dogs were brought to the Niagara County SPCA and there, it was confirmed the dogs were subject to neglect.

Hemi was getting worse and had a number of wounds covering their body.

Despite all the neglect that they had experienced, the 2 pitbulls did not show any aggression.

The staff at the shelter also fell in love with them.

Despite all that, Officer Tucci was having a hard time getting Hemi out of his mind, so talked to his wife and was thinking about adopting another dog.

He also showed a picture of the latest pitbull that they had rescued.

After that, the 2 filled papers to adopt Hemi and 1 week after that, they did get the dog.

Hemi was adopted and is currently living in the house of the officer.

Foreign, the other dog that the officers rescued, is also getting adopted, however, she still has some recovery to deal with.

This is such an amazing thing to share in such times!

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