American Trophy Hunter Pays $30,000 To Kill Well Known 12-Year-Old Lion In Zimbabwe

Activists have exposed another one.

An American trophy hunter was recently named by a group of activists after they killed a 12-year-old lion in Zimbabwe recently.

Phillip Smith, who is from Missouri, USA, was named by activists as the killer of Mopane, a 12-year-old lion.

Activists claim that the lion, who was well loved by tourists and local residents, lost their life after the hunter paid $30,000 for its life.

According to multiple reports, Mopane was lured out of the protected Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe before they were shot with a bow and arrow.

A report by UniLad said that Smith was joined by Dennis Nyakane, a professional hunter and guide from South Africa.

Activists of LionExpose shared the heartbreaking news on Twitter.

Hannes Wessels, a former professional hunter, said:

I was there in that area at the time, and there’s no doubt Mopane has gone. Nobody wants to talk about it, nor be named but it happened.

It is believed that Mopane was dominant over 2 prides when they were killed.

No further information about the hunting and killing were shared with the public by the animal activists group.

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