Businessman Accidentally Throws Out Over $21,500 After Mistaking It For Trash

A businessman from Greece, who was not named, accidentally threw out around $21,950 USD in the bin following mixing up bags.

The unnamed businessman was left in complete shock when he accidentally threw out the money that he was trying to deposit in the bank.

The man had stuffed the thousands of dollars in the two bin bags.

According to a report by, the man was intending to throw a bag of rubbish when he accidentally threw one of the money bags along with it.

The businessman from the Greek island of Lenmos stopped at a large dumpster on his way to the bank when he threw them away.

Talking about the incident, he said:

I looked around and realized the bags full of money weren’t there anymore and realized straight away what I had done.

The man went into panic mode right away and flagged down a council car where he told officer what he had done.

The bin bags at that time were already in a stinking lorry.

The man jumped in the council car right away to catch up with the lorry, where workers agreed to dump all the rubbish on the side of the road so they could help the man find his lost cash.

The good thing is that they found the cash.

The workers were able to retrieve the two bags of cash.

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