California woman’s new ID has picture of her wearing a face mask

A woman from California is currently making headlines all over the internet after she shared her hilarious story.

Leslie Pilgrim, the woman, went to get her official picture taken for her Driver License at her local DMV when she realized something bad happened.

The woman forgot to remove her mask.

Talking about the incident, Leslie said:

When I got up there, I got to the front of the line, I didn’t take it off, I got in front of the backdrop to take my picture, I still didn’t take it off. Nobody said anything and then the next thing that anybody said to me was ‘look into the camera’ and then I heard a click, and then I realized he had taken the picture with my mask on.

The employee who snapped the picture realized that there was a mistake, so they took another picture of Leslie without her wearing the mask.

But the thing is, the picture was never used.

7 days after the picture taking, Leslie received her real driver license ID in the mail and the picture that was present there was her wearing her mask.

Imagine showing that license to a police officer during a stop, they would never know who that person is.

Jokes aside, the authorities released a statement about the unusual and extremely rare incident.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said that this is the first time such incident has been reported.

The spokesperson said:

Customers are asked to remove their face covering when a photo is taken. In this instance there was an oversight. The customer should have been asked to lower her mask for the photo. This is the only instance of a license photo with a face mask reported to the DMV by a customer. The DMV is investigating how this may have happened and has reminded staff of proper procedures. The DMV contacted the customer and an appointment has been scheduled for a new photo to be taken.

This is just hilarious, right?

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