Cyclist dive-bombed by hawk

A cyclist from California, USA, was dive-bombed by a hawk while they were riding.

Watch the entire incident below:

The entire incident was caught on camera. 

Kevin Mahan, a chief photographer for KSEE-TV and KGPE-TV, said that he was riding near the Temperance Avenue and Highway 180 in Clovis when he noticed birds flying above him.

He explained:

As I’m going, I notice there’s a few birds in the air, and I don’t think much of it, I just put my head down and keep pedaling. All of a sudden, I hear a ‘tic tic.’

The helmet camera of Mahan captured the entire incident. 

The hawk dived right towards him and aimed his camera.

The camera was on the top of his head. 

He went on:

I didn’t realize how big and sharp those were until I did the screengrab. I was like, ‘Holy cow, that could have been a lot worse than it was.’

Mahan shared the entire video of the incident on YouTube.

They called the incident “hawkward”.

We see what you did there, you naughty naughty.

The thing is, the same hawk is known to attack people in the area.

Local cycling groups reached out to him after he shared the video on social media. 

One friend of Mahan said that they were dive-bombed by the hawk 4 times. 

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