Everyone’s Having A Hard Time Finding The Insect That’s Hiding In This Picture

A master in disguise.

The buff-tip moth is easy to miss, considering that this insect has one of the best, or not the best, camouflage on this planet.

Images that are viral on social media right now are challenging people from all over the world to find the insect in the picture.

The thing is, people are unable to find the insect.

During the day, the 2-inch moth sits on trees and camouflages itself to look like a birch twig.

If you are pretty familiar with the wooded areas of England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland, you probably know this one.

The moth that we are talking about is mostly active between the months of May and July, and they are only known to fly at nighttime, usually, mostly, after midnight. They do this so they could avoid predators who eat insects.

The moth gets her name from the buff-colored head and spot that they have on their wings, which extremely resembles the snapped end of a branch.

The picture that we are talking about was shared by the Sussex Wildlife Trust on Twitter with the caption: “This is an excellent photo for our mimics and impressionists themed week. Who is a twig & who is a buff-tip moth in this photo? Brilliant aren’t they?”

Did you spot the insect? Let us know which one is the insect and which one is the insect by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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