Florida man arrested for throwing pizza at her daughter because she wanted to be alone

A man from Florida, USA, was arrested by the police after they attacked their daughter with pizza because she told him that she wanted to be alone.

On May 23, 2021, 41-year-old Tyler Wordern visited the home of Kristin Worden, his 20-year-old daughter at Vero Beach.

He brought pizza so they could eat together, but she told him that she was not feeling well and told him that he should leave. 

The daughter claims that her father became angry because of that and was not leaving.

After some time, the father started to throw slices of pizza at her and hit her on the face. 

The daughter then began to yell at her father and called 911.

Jonathan Lozada, an officer at the Vero Beach Police Department, responded to the call of the woman.

Upon reaching, he found that there was tomato sauce on her face.

Lozado also found pizza toppings covering the entryway of the woman’s house. 

The police officer interviewed the father.

He said that he only threw the pizza after he thought that she had closed her front door, but the police did not believe his claims.

Officer Lozada also noted that strong odor of an alcoholic beverage could be smelled from the breath of the father. 

He arrested Tyler Worden on a misdemeanor charge and booked him into the Indian River County Jail.

No further information was shared with the public.  

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