German Shepherd Cries After Being Reunited With Owner After Staying Months Apart From Each Other

A video that is viral on social media right now shows an adorable German Shepherd crying after being reunited with their owner months apart from each other.

The German Shepherd was caught on cam showing how much love they had with their owner in one of the best manners.

The video was uploaded to Ramble Viral’s YouTube Channel.

In the video, you can see the moment the dog cries after being reunited with the owner.

The vide went viral right away and it has around 16 million views, where people left amazing comments.

It was revealed that the owner of the dog returned back home after spending a couple of months away from their house.

The owner was reportedly on a business trip.

Freya was seen breaking down in tears of joy after the owner came back, showing that she could not believe her eyes.

The dog was seen wagging her tail, running around her dad, and collapsing in the arms of her owner after they came back.

Here are some comments people left on the amazing video:

A user said: My goal in life is to the be the kind of person that my dog thinks I am.

Another user said: Dog in the cage: hey so….when you’re done with all that, if one of you could get this latch, that would be great.

A third user said: The German shepherd is one of the most affectionate, loyal dogs there is as I had one years ago and “Shep” was the best. Every night when I’d come home (3-4am) worked nights I’d walk in, he’d come out and greet me, ears pinned back tail wagging gently to say hi and give me a little kiss, he woke up to greet me his nose was dry as he was sleeping. After a minute he’d go back to sleep. He was a great dog and I miss him.

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