Hawk Has A Hard Time Understanding Why Fake Duck Is Not Afraid Of Him

A hawk that was caught on was seen having a hard time understanding why a fake duck was not afraid of him.

When hawks are near, animals run away to save their lives because they are usually afraid they might become the next meal.

However, that was not the case with a duck, who was not really afraid when the hawk was standing near them.

The hawk was in a state of dilemma after the duck remained calm and steady all the time.

The hawk spotted the sitting duck chilling out on a green patch of grass below them and went for them, thinking that it was a easy meal.

The duck was not afraid, considering that it was just an ornament.

The hawk was caught on cam and they could be seen looking in confusion at the duck, considering that it was not roaming around.

After trying to poke the duck, the hawk gave up because the duck was not really moving.

Instead, the hawk gave us a hilarious video to watch.

The entire thing is hilarious to be honest.

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