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Hero Couple Donate Blood On Wedding Day To Save Young Girl’s Life

A couple in Uttar Pradesh, India, are making headlines all over the world for doing something that is considered by many as heart-warming.

The couple took time out of their wedding and donated blood to save the life of a young girl.

The details of the amazing incident were shared by Ashish Mishra, a police officer in UP, India, on Twitter.

He is also the one that founded the “Police Mitra” initiative.

The initiative was founded to help the ones that are in need.

Mishra lauded the couple in the post that he made on Twitter.

She shared a picture of the couple wearing their wedding attire as they were donating blood at a designated blood centre.

The officer later revealed that the young girl was in need of blood, but no one stepped up to help her because she was not their child.

After getting to know about the incident, the couple decided to take some time out of their wedding and donate blood.

Officer Ashish Mishra started the Police Mitra Initiative to save the lives of patients by connecting them to blood donors.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the couple, may they have the best wedding life.

And thank you for saving the life of the young girl, you guys are heros.

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