India: Stray dogs eat charred human bodies that washed up on the banks of Uttarakhand river

Stray dogs were recently caught on camera eating charred human bodies that washed up on the banks of a river as death rolls continue to rise in India.

Watch the video below:

Residents of Uttarkashi, Uttrakhand, India, saw stray dogs consuming human bodies that were half burn after they drifted on the Bhagirathi River.

Locals claim that stray dogs were caught on camera gnawing and feeding on the dead as they were visiting the area to do some painting.

People in the area are now scared because they think that the coronavirus can become a super spreader in the area as corpses are being thrown in the rivers.

They believe dogs that are consuming dead bodies of covid victims can possibly spread the virus. 

Water supply from the river is also being questioned right now. 

This is not the first time such instance has happened.

Recently, videos were shared of dead bodies washing up on the banks of the River Ganges in the northern states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Right now, India is registering over 120,000 COVID cases on a daily basis and the average death toll per day is at 3,500.

Many believe that the lack of testing kits and people refusing to get tested are the reason of a massive decline in the cases.

Earlier this year, India was reporting over 400,000 covid cases per day.

Ramesh Semwal, the municipality president in Uttarkashi, said:

During the last few days, the number of deaths has been increased in our area. I also came to know that bodies are not burnt properly so I have directed the administration to arrange at Kedar Ghat for the cremation of half-burnt bodies.

No one has come forward to claim the dead bodies that were found in Uttarkashi.

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