Japanese Hospital Accidentally Drank Toilet Water For Nearly 30 Years

A news outlet in Japan suggests that a hospital accidentally drank toilet water instead of drinking water for nearly 30 years without realizing it.

A report by Yomiuri Shimbun said that on October 20, 2021, that a report by Osaka University revealed that some of the tap water pipes were implemented incorrectly, which meant that some drinking water pipes were connected to the loo.

The hospital was opened in 1993, which means that people that got admitted to the hospital have been drinking toilet water for 30 years.

120 taps at the University were deemed faulty.

It is believed that employees and patients used the 120 faulty taps to drink, wash and gargle.

The hospital does check the color, taste, and smell of the water each week, and based on the records, no problem has been issued since the year 2014.

The University claims that no health hazards were found throughout the investigation.

At a press conference, Director and Vice President Kazuhiko Nakatani apologized for the error.

They said:

I am very sorry that the university hospital that provides advanced medical care has caused anxiety.

He added that there are around 105 buildings in the university that use proper water.

The school will also check out the connection of their water pipes.

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