Lecturer from Singapore talks for 2 straight hours without noticing he had muted himself

A single button, powerful, but not deadly.

A lecturer from Singapore is viral on social media right now after a story of them went viral, stating that they talked for 2 straight hours without even noticing that they had muted himself.

Dong Wang, an associate was caught on camera giving a lecture for 2 straight hours, yes 2, without noticing that he had placed himself on mute.

In a video that was uploaded by Singapore Incidents, a YouTube Channel, Dong was heard finishing his lecture by asking his students if he had any questions.

When no one answered him, he said that he would finish the class.

One student then told the professor that no one heard him since 6:08, which was the start of the lecture.

He was left shock.

The man then asked the students what happened and one of them said they only heard him for a couple of minutes.

The professor had a panic attack and then informed them that he would be redoing the lesson at another date because of the technical problem.

Azusa Chan, a user, confirmed the incident and said:

Im a student taking this mod and yes, i was there when this happened. Class started at 6pm and he muted himself at 6.08pm onwards. Students tried all sorts of things to get his attention by unmuting and even calling his phone number. However, he did not respond and continued with the lesson. The participant count dwindled as time went on, as students could not contact the prof and had no other recourse. What you see here are 20+ students who waited patiently for 2 hours for the prof to come back.

The student then said that the professor was using an iPad during the lecture.

Hilarious or not, I feel bad for the professor, he talked to himself for 2 straight hours.

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