Man Is Jailed For 5 Years In Vietnam For Breaking Quarantine Rules And Spreading COVID

You play stupid games, you will win stupid prices.

A man from Vietnam was jailed on Monday for 5 years after they were found guilty in breaking strict quarantine measures and spreading the coronavirus to 8 other people in the country.

28-year-old Le Van Tri was convicted of spreading the coronavirus to 8 other people.

He was convicted at a one-day trial at the People’s Court of the Southern Province of Ca Mau.

Vietnam has been one of the world’s most successful countries that have tackled the pandemic in a really decent way.

They have done the impossible by going with targeted mass testing, aggressive contact tracing and tight border restriction.

People who did get the virus are also subjected to tight and strict quarantine.

Talking about the man, it I said that Tri travelled back to Ca Mau from Ho Chi Minh City.

The court added:

Tri travelled back to Ca Mau from Ho Chi Minh City… and breached the 21-day quarantine regulations. Tri infected eight people, one of whom died due to the virus after one month of treatment.

The Ca Mau court did not release any other statement about the incident.

What are your thoughts on Tri getting 5 years in jail for carrying out the crime? Let us know what you think about it for leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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