Man nearly dies after fasting for 40 days so “god would give him a Lamborghini”

God, why God, why God??

A man nearly passed away after it was found out that they were fasting for 40 days so god could give him a Lambo.

Yes, the same Lambo.

The 27-year-old man, who was not named, is a church youth leader from Bindura, Central Zimbabwe.

They brought themselves to a mountainous area where he hid out so no one would try and force them to eat.

The man was rescued 33 days later.

Authorities found him in a unrecognisable state. 

Upon investigation, the man had been fasting in hopes of getting a Lamborghini for his girlfriend.

She told him that it was her dream car.

The man, who is unemployed, was unable to afford such expensive vehicle, so he thought fasting and demanding it from God will do the trick. 

The good thing is that he was found right in time. 

The 27-year-old was rushed to the Bindura General Hospital, where they are recovering. 

The church leader had jokes about the man and his wishes.

The leader said: 

He should at least have fasted for a job since he is unemployed.

Church goers tried to raise money to get him the car that he wanted, but decided to call it off after finding out that supercars cost a lot of money.

The amount of money that they gathered will now be used to help pay for his medical bills. 

The current health condition of the man is not known.

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