Man says he stole vehicle because “God” told him to do it

A man from Alabama, USA, who reportedly stole a vehicle from a fire station said that he did it because the man up above told him to do it.

Watch the entire video below:

In just a span of 1 minute, the man announced his candidacy for mayor, flirted with a reporter, and admitted to stealing a vehicle with God’s help.

Jeffrey McCants was being escorted out a police station when the incident happened. 

Jeffrey reportedly stole a marked Prichard Fire-Rescue vehicle.

As the camera was pointed at him, he said that he will be running for mayor of Mobile, Alabama.

A female reporter why McCants stole the vehicle, where he replied that he would not have done it if he had a woman like her.

He then said that he stole the vehicle because God told him to do it.

He said:

God helps me do everything. Good and bad. He helps me get away from the police…but not this time.

After saying everything, he then said that he is going to steal a police vehicle after he gets released from custody.

The man is currently being held at the Mobile County Metro Jail.

He is on charges of first-degree theft and first-degree burglary.

This man is on type of deadly drug.

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