Mike Tyson Will Fight Logan Paul Next February

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson and YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul are set to fight next February.

According to a report by Drama Alert, Mike and Logan are going to battle in the ring in 2022.

Earlier t his month, Tyson said that he would love to fight Logan Paul or Jake Paul. That came after comments by the Paul brothers in June this year, saying that he could easily take on the former heavyweight world champion because he was old.

Keem Star, from Drama Alert, tweeted yesterday that his sources told him that Paul is going to fight Tyson in February 2022.

Last year, 55-year-old Tyson stepped out of retirement and back into the ring for his exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr.

26-year-old Paul recently expressed his interest in fighting Tyson, saying that he could take on the old fighter.

He said on his Impaulsive podcast:

Someone mentioned Mike Tyson, like how funny is it? One great at a time. Or is it like you can only fight one? My lawyer mentioned it and he was like, ‘No, Tyson will rip your head off, you don’t stand a chance’. I’m like ‘bro, I literally just went through all of this, you can’t tell me I can’t beat Mike Tyson’. Bro, he’s old, old.

Let’s see if the claims of Keem are true.

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