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Millionaire mother of 11 kids says she’s not stopping and would like to have more than 100 kids

A millionaire mother who already has 11 kids says that she is not going to stop and would like to have more.

To put an exact number, the mother said that she would like to have more than 100 of them.

Christina Ozturk, who is from Russia, lives with her wealthy husband, Galip Ozturk, a hotel owner, in Georgia.

They already have 10 babies by surrogates so far.

She recently gave birth to one naturally.

The 23-year-old woman recently joked on social media that they love babies so much that she might even have 105 of them.

The mother added:

At the moment, I have 10 children with the latest addition, Olivia, who arrived at the end of last month. I gave birth to my eldest daughter Vika myself six years ago. The rest of the children are genetically ours from my husband and I, but were carried by surrogates. I don’t know how many they will eventually be, but we certainly don’t plan to stop at 10. We just not ready to talk about the final number. Everything has its time.

According to Christina, each of their 10 children that they had through surrogacy cost them around 8000 euros each.

Surrogacy is legal in Georgia since the year 1997.

The couple involved should be heterosexual and should be married.

Talking about surrogacy, the mother said:

The clinic in Batumi chooses surrogate mothers for us and takes full responsibility for the process. We are not personally acquainted with surrogate mothers and do not have direct contacts with them in order to avoid problems after pregnancy.

The best thing about the couple is that they also take care of the surrogates.

Christina takes close look at what the surrogates are eating, what their diet is, what their lifestyles are, and what the nutritional plans are during pregnancy.

Galip, the husband, said that he is madly in love with Christina.

Talking about his wife, he said:

She is so easy to be with, she always has a smile on her lips and yet at the same time is shy and mysterious. She was the kind of wife I always wanted for myself, an uncut diamond where I saw what a pure and kind heart she had.

I might go for 3, but 105 are too many.

Jokes aside, the couple is just doing what makes them happy.

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