Motorist Threw Ink Over Protestors After Mob Refused To Let Ambulance Through

An angry motorist threw ink over protesters in Britain after the mob refused to let an ambulance through.

Andrew Dutton was filmed calmly walking along the line of the protesters sat in and spraying them with ink as they blocked traffic.

The 38-year-old, who is from Harlow, Essex, works with bands and arranges concerts.

He later told his friends that he lost his temper after asking the protesters from the A40, which is in North Acton, West London, so an emergency vehicle can go through.

After they refused, he did it.

Dutton reached for the ink pot and threw it across the protestors.

Friends have hailed Mr Dutton a ‘hero’ for taking a stand against the eco mob/

Andrew refused to release a statement about the incident, however, a friend of his did.

The friend said:

Andrew told me he had asked those sitting down to move out of the way so that an ambulance could get through. He thought it was incredibly selfish. They just sat there and did nothing so he warned them he would spray them with ink, and he did just that. Many of his friends think he was brave to stand up to them. It takes courage to do that in front of the cameras who are filming everything. He’s just a straight-up guy who was trying to get to work and got caught up with the protest. There has been a lot of positive comments on social media but others have said he was in the wrong.  All his friends are fully supportive and feel it is about time someone stood up to this lot.

Christian, a retired GP, was one of the people that got the ink thrown at.

During an interview with the local press, Christian said:

It wasn’t painful, it didn’t hurt – it was unpleasant, but just sad, the whole thing’s sad, it’s sad that we have to do this.  I hate doing it, I’m a retired doctor, I’ve spent my whole life trying to help people, and I’m reduced to having to do this because the Government won’t address the problem adequately, basically. Terribly worried.

The demonstrations lasted or around 2 hours.

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