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Nintendo Is Partnering With A Non-Profit Organization To Bring More Gaming Consoles To Hospitalized Kids

To do good is what should be prioritized.

Starlight Nintendo Switch Gaming Stations have been making their way to hospitals and health care facilities across the United States of America and now they are going to do it more so more kids can play games as they are recovering.

Starlight Nintendo Switch Gaming Stations have over 25 games from the Super Mario Party to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The stations are designed and manufactured by Nintendo themselves.

They are made specifically for special usage in a hospital setting.

The device can be completely cleaned with a disinfectant, which means more and more people in the hospital can use it.

It also meets the strict safety infection protocols of the hospital and it is also has a mounted playback monitor that can roll anywhere in a hospital.

So why are they doing this?

According to Starlight Children’s Foundation, gaming can even provide emotional support, resulting in reduced anxiety and improved mood.

Medical staff are going to use the gaming station such as entertaining children, distracting kids during painful medical treatment, giving kids something fun to do or to help them feel relaxed and comfortable while communicating.

In the span of 28 years, the partnership of Starlight with Nintendo of America has delivered gaming stations to over 800 hospitals and healthcare facilities.

It has brought smiles to an estimated 11.6 million seriously ill children.

Adam Garone, CEO of Starlight, said:

Over the years, Starlight Gaming stations have provided millions of seriously ill children with the healing power of play, entertainment, socialization, and emotional support, and have helped to normalize an otherwise scary situation or setting for families. We’re so grateful to Nintendo and their employees for such a long and continuing partnership fueled by innovation, impact, and generous support.

Don James, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Operations, added:

It’s been our pleasure to work with Starlight and observe them bringing happiness to kids when they need it the most. As with everything we do, we hope the new Starlight Nintendo Switch gaming stations will put smiles on the faces of children and their families.

Such a good thing to do by Nintendo!

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