People Team Up To Save Man From Burning Building

A video that is viral on social media right now shows the moment a group of people teaming up to save a man from a burning building.

The incident actually happened in April of last year, however, a video of the rescue mission recently went viral because the rescue mission was not carried out by professionals, instead, by locals.

According to official reports, the incident happened in an apartment block in Montereau-Fault-Yonne, France.

In the video, you can see 3 people coming together to see the old man.

The 3 men, Dombaev Dzhambulat, Ouloubaev Asla and Ahmedov Muhsinjon, climbed 3 storeys high to come to the aid of the elderly man.

The man was stuck amid plumes of smoke and flames.

The 3 men managed to transport the old man off the balcony and down to an adjacent apartment.

During an interview with the reporters, Asla was asked if he was afraid to rescue the old man, considering that there were flames everywhere.

Asla replied:

I did not have time to be afraid, I had to go.

The elderly man was rescued from the scene, however, some people lost their lives.

According to official reports, a mother and her 3-year-old daughter lost their lives that day.

10 other people were also injured in the same incident.

By Pei Yong

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