Terrified cat rescued after being found abandoned up 4ft pole 500 meters from shore surrounded by deep water

A poor cat was rescued after being found at the top of a 4ft pole that was 500 meters from shore while being surrounded by deep water.

Social media users, particularly animal lovers, are know trying to find the person that carried out the horrible act.

According to reports, the incident happened off the coast of Pila, Italy.

Pictures of the black and white cat was shared on social media after it was rescued.

It could be seen in the images that the cat was digging its claws into the post.

Locals believe that the animal was left there after someone found it on their boat and decided to throw it on the pillar instead of returning it to shore.

A local from Porto Tolle, shared the images on Facebook.

Gabrielle Gibin, the woman, said:

After talking to witnesses, I decided to write about an unfortunate incident in Pila. The pole you see in the picture is about 4 meters tall and lies in the center of a canal that is used in the port of Pila to guide boats and fishing boats to sea.

The woman also said on her post on Facebook that the distance to the shore was around 500 meters.

The water was around 2 meters deep too.

She added:

There are two possibilities. The cat decided to swim [to the post], or someone noticed they had a cat inside their boat and instead of keeping it safely until the end of the job, they took it in the water!

The good thing is that someone rescued the little cat.

Gabriella continued:

To the boy who saved the poo kitty goes all our gratitude. The recovery wasn’t simple as the kitty was terrified. Eventually the cat was taken to the mainland and to safety.

Let’s all hope the person who did the horrible act gets arrested.

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