Thailand Villagers Worship Lucky Calf Born With 2 Heads After Owner Wins Lottery

Villagers in Thailand ended up worshipping a calf that was born with 2 heads after its owner won a local lottery draw.

Locals are now calling the calf lucky.

The malformed calf was born with 2 heads and was in a emaciated state.

It was said that the incident happened in Buriram Province of Thailand on February 14 of this year.

Authorities reported that the calf was born with 2 sets of reproductive organ, an extra ear poking out in the middle of their head, along with the 2 heads.

The deformities led to the newborn calf having a hard time breathing.

It eventually became too weak to eat.

66-year-old Somorn Krasaesom, the owner of the calf, rushed it to a clinic but died 30 minutes after it was born.

The farmer was left devastated after its death.

He claimed that the animal was a gift from the heavens and it even came in his dreams before it was even born.

Talking about the calf, he said:

In my dream, I was holding a baby like my grandchild. The baby was supposed to give me a prosperous life. It came true. Ever since the cow was born, I became lucky.

Somorn said he has since won 20,000 Baht on the lottery.

The farmer is now planning to preserve the body of the calf.

He also wants to build a shrine for it near their house.

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