Tiger Used For Gender Reveal In Dubai

Social media users are not happy with a stunt that was carried out by a couple in Dubai.

In a video that is viral right now, a tiger was shown being used for a gender reveal party in Dubai.

The tiger in the video could be seen on a beach that is next to the Burj Al Arab Hotel, a famous and luxury hotel.

The tiger faced balloons which the animal popped with its claws after jumping over it.

The balloon burst pink dust out of it, meaning that the baby that the couple were going to have is a girl.

The video was shared by the mother, which was captioned with: “Gender reveal gone #wild congrats mama. Disclaimer – tiger was not harmed and plastic was disposed of, relax everyone.

The video was then shared by LovinDubai, a page on Instagram that has over 500,000 followers, who were not happy with the act.

Most of the people that watched the video were against with the act that the couple had carried out with the tiger.

LovinDubai also faced a lot of heat after sharing the video, with people claiming that they were not against animal cruelty.

The couple who were in the video have not released an official statement about the incident.

What are your thoughts on the tiger being used in the gender reveal? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

By Pei Yong

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