Wildlife Photographer Captures First Ever Yellow Penguin On Camera Among Colony On South Georgia

Something so rare you might have never thought it was existing.

A wildlife photographer has shared images of the first ever known yellow penguin on camera.

Ives Adams said he was on a tour on South Georgia when he saw the yellow penguin among a colony.

The man said he spotted the unusual looking penguin.

He was leading a 2 month photography expedition through Antarctica and the South Atlantic.

The youngster penguin

The tour stopped off at the wild islands of South Georgia.

The photographer and his guests landed at Salisbury Plain to picture their colony, where around 120,000 king penguins are living.

Yves said he had never seen or heard of a yellow penguin before and the fact that there are 120,000 penguins on the island with only one yellow, it made him take pictures right away.

The man unpacked safety equipment right away and started to take pictures of the bird, which he calls “never before seen”.

Yves, who is from Ghent Belgium, said:

I’d never seen or heard of a yellow penguin before. There were 120,000 birds on that beach and this was the only yellow one there. They all looked normal except for this one. It really was something else. It was an incredibly unique experience.

That is one rare bird, right?

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